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Inspired by our multi-award winning documentation site, our documentation package will provide everything you need to build best practice documentation sites for your projects

PlatformOS DocsKit

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What's included in DocsKit

What's included in DocsKit

  • Open-source Docs as Code documentation solution leveraging platformOS, a Git workflow, and a static site generator
  • Three configurable color schemes
  • Editorial workflow
  • Comprehensive how-to documentation for using the DocsKit
  • Templates for your most frequently used content types

Features designed to enhance your documentation site

Easy setup

quick and effortless deployment of your documentation site

Easy setup

Markdown and MDX support

easy formatting and content creation

Markdown and MDX support

Accessibility compliance

inclusive experience for all users

Accessibility compliance

Responsive design

functions seamlessly across devices

Responsive design

Customizable themes

personalize the appearance of your documentation

Customizable themes

Search functionality

quickly find specific content

Search functionality

Pre-designed custom components that you can readily utilize in your MDX documentation pages

Our inspiration the platformOS Documentation

The platformOS Documentation provides onboarding, conceptual information, tutorials, examples, API references, use cases, and best practices to developers building their apps or sites on the Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) framework that is platformOS.

Following the Docs as Code approach, it is built to accommodate constant iteration and collaboration — with our developer community being involved in all phases of our editorial workflow, the portal is quick to adapt to their ever evolving needs.

Award winning documentation

Begin crafting your documentation on a codebase fine-tuned for optimal performance, accessibility, sustainability, and SEO.

Optimized for performance, accessibility, sustainability and SEO

Uncover the strategies behind our multi-award-winning platformOS Documentation and learn how to build your own.

Crafting Docs for Success: An End-to-End Approach to Developer Documentation

Dive into Crafting Docs for Success: An End-to-End Approach to Developer Documentation by Diana Lakatos for an insightful exploration.

Best Overall SME DevPortal - DevPortal Awards 2022
Best Accessible DevPortal - DevPortal Awards 2022
Best New DX Innovation - DevPortal Awards 2022
Best DevPortal Beyond REST Platforms - DevPortal Awards 2022
Best Ongoing Developer Experience - DevPortal Awards 2022
Best Editorial Experience in a DevPortal - DevPortal Awards 2021
Best Onboarding - DevPortal Awards 2021
Best Developer Portal for Alternatives to REST_APIs - DevPortal Awards 2021
UK Technical Communication Awards

Built with GatsbyGatsby

A fast, open-source static site generator using React.js and GraphQL. It offers rapid load times, security, and scalability with a customizable platform supported by a vast plugin ecosystem.

Using GitHubGithub

A web-based Git version control host that streamlines collaborative development. It offers project management, code tracking, and tools for enhanced teamwork and integration.

Powered by platformOSplatformOS

An API-driven platform for developing scalable web apps and sites. It manages hosting, automated DevOps, and backend services, enabling developers to focus on custom solutions.