Google Lighthouse scores 100/100 for performance, accessibility, best practices, SEO

DocsKit prides itself on offering exceptional performance for your documentation site. This is not only crucial for user experience and engagement but is also directly linked to sustainability. By loading faster, the sites require fewer server resources and less data transmission time, thus reducing energy consumption.

Importantly, website performance is crucial for user engagement. The Google/SOASTA Research 2017 showed that even a small increase in page load time significantly increases the likelihood of a user leaving the site. Therefore, enhancing performance improves user experience and engagement, boosts search rankings, and aids sustainability.

The performance of your DocsKit site can be measured using tools like Google Lighthouse or PageSpeed Insights, which provide insights into your site's performance metrics and offer improvement suggestions.

In essence, the exceptional performance of DocsKit translates into faster page load times and quick access to information, ensuring a smooth and efficient user experience on your documentation site. This, in turn, promotes user engagement and facilitates higher search rankings, making it an essential aspect of managing a successful documentation project.