Task Topic

Task topics or tutorials are step-by-step walkthroughs of tasks that users can perform using your product. Each walkthrough should represent the smallest possible chunk that enables a user to complete a task. If a process is overly complex, consider breaking it down into smaller parts. This ensures that users can get the help they need without having to go through steps that don't pertain to them.

Tutorials are instructional tools for your users, so it's important to include explanations and link to glossary items or other relevant content that aids comprehension.

All your tutorials should adhere to a consistent format, such as the one defined in the tutorial template:

  • Goal: what the tutorial helps the user do, what the user will accomplish by the end of the tutorial
  • Requirements: what background knowledge or resources the user needs to be able to successfully finish this tutorial
  • Steps: brief overview of steps in this tutorial Step 1, Step 2, etc.: detailed descriptions of steps, with screenshots, code examples, etc.
  • Next steps: what the user can do next; if the tutorial is part of a series, link to the next tutorial in the series

Find the Task Topic template in the MDX format for use with DocsKit within the DocsKit package.