Issue management

With DocsKit, you can leverage the versatility of GitHub's issue management system, GitHub Issues, to streamline the management of project tasks, content needs, and feedback mechanisms. By harnessing the robust features of GitHub Issues, you can maintain high-quality, accurate documentation through an easy-to-follow and responsive process.

Issue Creation

Within the GitHub ecosystem, users can open an issue. These issues can encompass a wide variety of tasks such as bug fixes, topic requests, or feedback on existing content.

Issue Details

Each issue in GitHub comprises:

  • Title: A clear summary of the task.
  • Description: Detailed information about the task, the expected outcome, and any relevant links or screenshots.
  • References: Related issues can be linked to provide a comprehensive understanding of interconnected tasks.
  • Mentions: To involve team or community members, use mentions via an "@" symbol followed by the member's username.
  • Labels: Pre-define categories indicating, for example, the task type, product type, priority level, and use them to filter and organize issues.
  • Milestones: Group related issues or pull requests into a specific project, feature, or time period.
  • Projects: Group issues by the project they belong to.
  • Assignees: The individual(s) responsible for handling or completing the task.

By utilizing GitHub's robust issue management tools, you can ensure efficient project management for your DocsKit site, leading to higher quality documentation and a seamless user and contributor experience.