Step 4: Editing your content based on feedback

Editorial workflow Step 4

Based on the review feedback, you may need to make changes to your documentation content. Repeat steps 3 and 4 as many times as necessary until the topic is approved.

Tip: When it’s about small and quick changes without restructuring the topics or uploading images, using the GitHub online editor, also known as the GitHub Web-based Interface is a convenient way to make minor changes to files directly within the repository without the need for local Git commands or a text editor.

Git Workflow

These are the steps of the git workflow when editing your content based on reviewers' feedback:

  1. Review comments
  2. Make changes locally
  3. Commit the changes
  4. Push the changes to GitHub
Pushing new changes will trigger GitHub Actions and automatically deploy your modifications to the preview environment.
  1. If the reviewer asks for additional changes, repeat steps 2 to 5 as necessary, and create a new commit.
  2. Once you've addressed the comments and are satisfied with the changes, request another review from the original reviewer or maintainers if required.
  3. Continue to engage in the conversation with the reviewer as needed until they approve your changes.