DocsKit incorporates a blend of carefully selected technologies, each fine-tuned to deliver an exceptional documentation experience. With a vast array of integration options available, you have the flexibility to tailor your documentation workflow to suit your specific requirements.


Gatsby ensures rapid load times, security, and scalability with a customizable platform supported by a vast plugin ecosystem.

Built on React.js, Gatsby is a modern, open-source, and lightning-fast static site generator. It leverages GraphQL as a data layer to compile content into static HTML files, ensuring rapid load times, heightened security, and scalability.

The Gatsby ecosystem offers robust search capabilities through various plugins and techniques out of the box. Since DocsKit is built on Gatsby, it's fully compatible with more than 3000 Gatsby plugins.


GitHub facilitates collaborative documentation development including project management, issue tracking, and tools for enhanced teamwork and automation.

As a web-based hosting service for version control using Git, GitHub fosters collaboration by simplifying project management, change tracking, and documentation revision control. Its features like bug tracking, task management, and wikis enhance teamwork and seamlessly integrate with various development tools and services.

DocsKit relies on Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) to streamline workflows and foster collaboration. Through GitHub Actions, essential tasks like code checks and deploying site previews are automated, minimizing manual intervention and ensuring the documentation remains up to date and error-free.


platformOS manages hosting, automated DevOps, and backend services, allowing you to focus on your core business, and enables you to enhance your site's functionality using platformOS modules or custom code.

platformOS, our model-based application development platform, acts as the hosting environment for each DocsKit site. After the static site generation process concludes, the resulting site undergoes a transformation and is converted into a fully operational platformOS application. This seamless transition enables you to enhance the site's functionality with additional business logic and server endpoints provided by platformOS modules or custom code.

Using platformOS modules, you can extend your documentation site with various features, such as a video education module to include video courses or a community platform for your users to meet and share their knowledge.


EkLine streamlines content creation, review, and maintenance, ensuring brand-aligned and up-to-date content through AI-assisted automation.

EkLine serves as a comprehensive AI-assisted platform tailored for enhancing the documentation process. It automates and standardizes content creation, review, and maintenance, ensuring brand-aligned and up-to-date documentation.

Leveraging AI assistance at various stages, including content creation through a VS Code plugin and integration into the CI/CD pipeline for the review phase, EkLine optimizes workflow efficiency. With features like automated standardization, style guide compliance, and readability score assessment, EkLine ensures consistency, readability, and seamless collaboration throughout the documentation lifecycle.

EkLine's robust analytics and reporting tools enable users to monitor content quality and track improvements over time, facilitating the continuous enhancement of your documentation content.