Bridging the gap between open-source and SaaS documentation solutions

DocsKit is a tool that combines the best features of open-source and Software as a Service (SaaS) documentation solutions. It's designed for organizations that need a flexible, secure, and easy-to-use documentation platform.

Comparison table of Documentation solutions

Open-source vs. SaaS solutions

  • Open-source solutions are free and highly customizable. They're great for those who like to tweak and modify their tools, but they require more technical skill to set up and maintain
  • SaaS solutions are easier to use and manage, but they're less flexible and can be more expensive

DocsKit: The hybrid documentation solution


DocsKit presents a unique hybrid model. It combines the open-source nature of tools like Gatsby and GitHub with the structured framework of platformOS.

This blend offers the best of both worlds: the flexibility and adaptability of an open-source framework, along with the robust, scalable infrastructure typically associated with SaaS solutions.


Open-source platforms allow for extensive customization with community themes, but users have to customize and maintain their sites themselves.

SaaS documentation solutions typically provide a more straightforward, user-friendly experience with predefined themes and layouts, but this simplicity comes at the cost of flexibility and personalization.

DocsKit offers the full spectrum of customization options, from ready-to-use themes to opportunities for creating branded themes and custom designs.

Hosting and security

With an open-source documentation solution, the burden of DevOps and security lies with you.

SaaS solution providers handle all aspects of hosting, including security and compliance leaving you without any control.

DocsKit provides hosting with automated DevOps, and you can choose from reputable, eco-friendly hosting providers such as Google Cloud, AWS, or Oracle Cloud.

Workflow and usability

Several open-source documentation solutions support Docs as Code but require developers to establish hosting services and configure CI/CD pipelines.

SaaS documentation solutions come with a predefined workflow setup preventing you from tailoring the workflow to meet specific needs or preferences.

DocsKit presents a refined Docs as Code approach with built-in CI/CD automation allowing you to concentrate more on content creation and less on the technical complexities of documentation management.

Support and training

Open-source documentation solutions generally come with extensive user documentation, but they often lack personalized support structures.

Similarly to SaaS solutions, DocsKit provides a dedicated support team ready to assist users with their queries, and customized training sessions for developers and editors.


Open-source documentation solutions, while free to use at the outset, can present hidden costs over time as they require teams to independently manage aspects like hosting, setup, integration, theme customization, and enhancements.

SaaS documentation solutions typically offer a user- or project-based pricing model. This approach can seem cost-effective initially, but as the project scales, the expenses can escalate.

DocsKit’s core is free and open source and comes with a subscription model for hosting on a platformOS instance. This subscription covers hosting and a set number of support hours. DocsKit also offers a range of paid services for setup, custom branding, and optimization in areas like accessibility, sustainability, and SEO.


DocsKit is a unique documentation solution, blending the customization of open-source with the ease of SaaS. It's suitable for a range of users, from those who need simple solutions to those requiring deep customization. With its combination of technology, workflow, and support DocsKit offers a flexible, secure, and user-friendly option for documentation needs.

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